Box found for the Weatherbox!

Weather BoxToday I found an ad on eBay Kleinanzeigen for a perfect terrarium for the Weatherbox! (Dimensions 120cm long / 55cm high – 42cm high / 40cm deep)

As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be mine!

Rounding up my friend Linda, we made our way on the tram to pick up the terrarium.  It was a little bigger than I expected when we got there, and the people who were getting rid of it thought the Weatherbox Project sounded pretty cool and told me to keep them updated.  They were a really lovely couple and they even helped Linda and me bring the terrarium down to the street from their flat.

We called a cab and hemmed and hawed a bit trying to figure out the best way to fit the Weatherbox and both of us inside the cab while also allowing the driver to see out of the back of the vehicle.

We finally got it sorted and then we were on the way!

The cab driver even helped up bring it out of the cab and onto my street.

Here it is, ready to go upstairs.

photo (1)

Linda and I managed to get the bottom half of the terrarium into my building and up the stairs into my flat, but we only made it into the backyard with the glass section.  It was just too big and bulky to go any further.

Adina showed up later, and using her genius and a dolly, we managed to get the glass section up the stairs using an extensive system of blankets, a camping mat, lots of straps, patience, and time.


Adina rolls out the camping mat!


I tighten the straps!


Weatherbox on the dolly


Adina halfway up the stairs.

We finally made it in the the flat!  Here is us both looking excited and perhaps just a bit smug.

photo 1photo 4

And here is it!  Look how gorgeous!  Now it just needs a good cleaning and it will be ready to begin the beautifying process of turning from a terrarium into a Weatherbox.

photo 5