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Sniffy Dog Game

I made my first video game as part of the 2019 Pixelles Game Incubator IV Follow Along program.

Right now, it’s a basic one page game, but I’m hoping to expand on it in the future with more levels.

Have fun playing!

“Resist Tanz” at the 33rd Hamburg International Short Film Festival – June 6-12, 2017!

Our short film “Resist Tanz” is premiering at the 33rd Hamburg International Short Film Festival – June 6-12, 2017! We are in the Three Minute Quickie “Flotter Drier” Competition. This year’s theme is “Resistance.” You can read more about it here:¬†

And see the other selected films for 2017 here:

You can check out Adina’s (the other creator of the film!) website here!

See you there!!

ccSPORT: by Caitlin D. Fisher & Vanessa Brazeau

Today I took part in¬†Vanessa Brazeau’s “Thesis Body” performance at NGBK Berlin.

Vanessa’s performance detailed how new connections can be made when doing things a different way. ¬†For instance, athletes often use “muscle confusion,” where they train muscles in different ways so that they don’t plateau in their training. ¬†Vanessa decided to explore what happens when you use “muscle confusion” in an art context. ¬†In this case, doing a writing exercise while jogging down the street at the same time. ¬†She wrote her entire master’s thesis this way! ¬†While running and writing, Vanessa encouraged us to take in our surroundings, and she also asked people who we passed to contribute to our writing exercise. ¬†Someone stated that their favorite thing to write was poetry, so we then began writing poetry. ¬†This was so much fun! Here is what I wrote during this walk/run, which Vanessa calls an “Ideaoge.”

Doc - 24-07-16 22-02

Doc - 24-07-16 22-15

Doc - 24-07-16 22-12

She led us to Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien for the next performance “Tembere,” by my friend Caitlin Fischer. ¬†This performance was about the prejudice she received while playing professional women’s football while living in S√£o Paulo, Brazil. ¬†Women’s football often forces the players to fit into roles that are suitable for the male gaze: perfect looks and bodies and heteronormativity. ¬†Caitlin’s performance utilized her own body to tell the story of what this means for women football players in a broader sense of their lives and discussed what happens when¬†a “performance” simply becomes “a way of life.”

The performance was riveting so I only got a few shots!




Caitlin and Vanessa answering questions after their performances.

Check out more of ¬†Vanessa’s work here:¬†

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