ccSPORT: by Caitlin D. Fisher & Vanessa Brazeau

Today I took part in Vanessa Brazeau’s “Thesis Body” performance at NGBK Berlin.

Vanessa’s performance detailed how new connections can be made when doing things a different way.  For instance, athletes often use “muscle confusion,” where they train muscles in different ways so that they don’t plateau in their training.  Vanessa decided to explore what happens when you use “muscle confusion” in an art context.  In this case, doing a writing exercise while jogging down the street at the same time.  She wrote her entire master’s thesis this way!  While running and writing, Vanessa encouraged us to take in our surroundings, and she also asked people who we passed to contribute to our writing exercise.  Someone stated that their favorite thing to write was poetry, so we then began writing poetry.  This was so much fun! Here is what I wrote during this walk/run, which Vanessa calls an “Ideaoge.”

Doc - 24-07-16 22-02

Doc - 24-07-16 22-15

Doc - 24-07-16 22-12

She led us to Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien for the next performance “Tembere,” by my friend Caitlin Fischer.  This performance was about the prejudice she received while playing professional women’s football while living in São Paulo, Brazil.  Women’s football often forces the players to fit into roles that are suitable for the male gaze: perfect looks and bodies and heteronormativity.  Caitlin’s performance utilized her own body to tell the story of what this means for women football players in a broader sense of their lives and discussed what happens when a “performance” simply becomes “a way of life.”

The performance was riveting so I only got a few shots!




Caitlin and Vanessa answering questions after their performances.

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