Foliage purchased for the Weatherbox!

photo 2

Today was a second trip to the Dong Xuan Center in eastern Berlin to purchase some greenery for the Weatherbox.  I brought along my friend Linda.  She purchased a light up LED “Gluewein” sign that made her very happy!

I had taken stock of which plants I might want to purchase the last time around, so this time consisted of bringing my tape measurer and figuring out exactly was appropriate size wise and what might look good in the box. It turns out that the grassy fields they had for sale fit the depth and length of the Weatherbox almost perfectly!  I also got some plants to hang from the ceiling of the box to create the rain-forest-y look I’m going for.

Weatherbox dimensions:

120cm long/55cm (at the highest part) 42cm (at shortest point)/40cm deep

photo 4     photo 3

photo 1

My purchases!

All around a successful trip and the Weather box is starting to look good!

photo 4