Streets of Berlin

I was a camera operator as part of the “Streets of Berlin” project, a group of volunteers in Berlin and a video platform interested in getting the unheard stores of the people who live on the street in Berlin out into the world.  The videos are in German.

In this episode we meet Turan, a man of 58 who has struggled for years with heroin addiction. To earn a living, he has collected returnable bottles or sold lighters on the street. Previously, he also sold clothes at flea markets or bars.  He used to steal bicycles to sell them in order to pay for his habit but he does not take part in any criminal matters these days, since he firmly believes in karma. In this first video, Turan describes how he could not even find his old workplace on a day without heroin.  He also states that he no longer believe in friendships and prefers to live his life alone.

In this second part, Turan talks about criminal behavior, the paralysis of his father, the comparison between Kreuzberg and Steglitz (neighborhoods in Berlin) and people’s eating habits. He also describes how he developed a heroin addiction that started with smoking hashish.  Turan has three children at the time of the taping of this interview, aged 31, 27, and 24.


You can find the Streets of Berlin Facebook here.

You can find all of Streets of Berlin’s videos on their YouTube channel here.