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Homemade magnets

photo 1








I’ve recently decided to get to work on a long held desire of mine: to make my own magnets.

I found these great little circle canvases at Idee (https://www.idee-shop.com/shop/) which is one of my favorite shops in Berlin.  It’s like a German style “Michaels.”  They also had “Magnetfolie,” which is sheets of magnet that have a sticky back that you can cut in whatever shape you’d like.

photo 1

Unpainted circle canvases.

First, I painted all the canvases various base colors and let them dry for a few days.



Then, I got to work on some designs that I wanted to put on these tiny little canvases.

photo 3

The magnet part comes in packages, and they are self adhesive.  In German it is called “Magnetenfolie.”  You cut the Magnetnefolie into the shape that you want.  For my purposes, I traced the circle canvas onto the back of the Magnetenfolie and then cut the circle out just a little bit smaller than the tracing.

And then voilá!  Custom handmade magnets!

photo 5

Clothes Dyeing Project


This spring I decided to clean out my closet and instead of getting rid of some clothes that I no longer wear, decided to dye them different colors.  I did some research on different dyes and read a few blogs of other people who had experience dyeing their clothes.

I decided that the best way to go about dyeing my clothes would be to use the “washing machine method.”  This consists of using a box of fabric dye as well as salt inside the washing machine to dye the clothes.  This must be done at a very high temperature.

I focused on jeans.


Jeans before

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This winter I decided it was the perfect time to learn how to knit!

My first scarf was this gorgeous number, which I finished just in time for my mother’s birthday.


My second scarf came out perfect, not a single mistake!  I decided to keep this one for myself.


My third scarf I made for my pink-loving girlfriend, Adina.  Here she is looking adorable in it:

photo 3